Unleash the power of video with 4Ward Productions - a Los Angeles-based video production company, developing dynamic video content from concept through completion and implementation. We offer a full range of video production services that go above-and-beyond when it comes to catering to the needs of our valuable clients. We are a digital savvy video business that produces high-quality, engaging, and authentic videos for websites, promotional campaigns, broadcasts, and corporate uses. It's the wide-ranging, eclectic experience that makes our professional videographers proficient in all types of video production, whether it’s a corporate or live event video. 4Ward Productions is more than just videography and editing; it is your partner to gain a significant edge over your competitors, dominate your niche, and elevate your video strategy to the next-level in this ever-vying digital world. Thus, trust the trusted video marketing agency in Los Angeles to strategize, produce, and deliver a powerful asset that will help your business expand its horizons and reach new heights.

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Meet Axel Lopez - Founder and Video Strategist

Axel Lopez - 4Ward Production Founder

Born and raised in Boston, Axel Lopez is a 27-year-old videographer, photographer, and customer service professional. He is experienced and skilled enough to cast a spell when it comes to film direction, public speaking, business development, and leadership. Aside from video production and editing, he is a professional dancer too, which actually sparked his interest in the video production and editing niche. Initially, his video production career began with some art projects, such as filming dance videos and promotional visuals for dance-related projects. However, he now works with different businesses in different niches to help them use the power of video within their industries in order to provide more value to their customers and clients, save time within their business’ ecosystem, as well as educate and inform. He is also able to provide an avenue for clients that allows for collaboration, innovation, and creativity in order to enhance the experience a business provides for its customers, clients, and even employees.


"Axel is not only a skilled videographer he is an amazing director and choreographer. Axel has artistic vision! He helps take any idea you have to the next level. There is NOTHING he can't handle." 

Melissa Amershek


Services We Deliver


Whatever your video production needs may be, from commercial video production to product shoot, we can help your brand develop video content for specific campaigns. We ensure you authentic strategic and result-oriented video productions services that deliver immense value and substance. So, get ready to maximize your business reach, increase engagement, build trust, and provide value with our unforgettable videography.



If you want to improve your videos with compelling editing and post-production, then look no further than 4Ward Productions. It’s your chance to get your video edited by a professional video strategist, and meet your current project needs. We have the resources, tools, gadgets, and skills to transform all types of raw footage into professional videos.

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We understand that video is a powerful asset that helps businesses strengthen relationships with their customers. Versatility is something we offer and are proud of.  Therefore, we work on a personal level with every client and help them grow in a video-first world. Get any video edited by our company, whether it’s a corporate, travel, music, or commercial video. We have a proven track record in the video production industry and have the capabilities to transcend your unique message and story through our services. If you have a video idea in mind, our professional videographer will give you the support and space you need. No matter what type of video you want to create. We will be your trusted partner in your content creation journey. So, what’s are you waiting for? Feel free to shout out to a creative video marketing agency in Los Angeles.



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