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The 4Ward Gallery

Welcome ! The 4Ward Gallery is the photography branch under the 4Ward umbrella. It is another form of creativity we look to offer for clients who are looking to tell a story, whether that be personal or business related. We also build even more on our objective to help business scale and grow through the power video, but here as well through photography. Everyone and everything has a purpose. Our goal is to help you present that the way you, the client, want to. We work with you to figure out how each photograph will appropriately, professionally, and authentically showcase your vision, dream, story, and business. How will each photograph relate to your customer base or your friends and family? How will each photograph help represent who you are as a person and what you have to offer to the world? Maybe that's through content creation or showcasing an exhibit. Perhaps, you're starting a new business or are looking to grow your business and you need visuals that will help build your brand and build relationships with potential clients and customers. Maybe your releasing a new collection for your fashion line. Whatever it may be, there is always a story to tell.

To us, it is imperative that we help each and every client elevate, save time, and present something as professionally, artistically, and authentically as possible. As individuals and businesses, we never want to look back  and think, "what if?" Instead, we work to help our clients always look ahead and move 4ward. That's how growth and progress manifests. 

Through each photograph you see on the this website, I encourage you think about what your story is, or what do you wish to present to the world? Once you know, The 4Ward Gallery will be here to help you capture your moments in time, one moment at a time.

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So, who's the blonde guy on the right ?

Well, hello there! My name is Axel Lopez, and I am a 26 year old creative who can't ever start the day without coffee, and pretty much, loves to dip his feet and try anything new. I was born and raised in Boston, MA, but made the move to lovely Los Angeles, CA back in August of 2018. Aside from video and photography, I am also a professional dancer. I have been a member of two professional dance companies, Phunk Phenomenon (Boston, MA) and GRV (Walnut, CA). Over the last six years with both companies, respectively, I have had countless competitive and professional opportunities  such as competing against dance teams from around the world in the biggest hip-hop competition on the planet and traveling to Singapore for the countries annual Da:ns Festival. Those are only a few of MANY! I would love to show you a few clips of my dancing, but maybe I'll just let you find them. Here's a hint, search "4ward productions" on YouTube. :) 

My entire life, I've always had that creative gene. I never thought I'd want to make a career producing art, but overtime, I knew it was not just the process of photographing or filming something and editing the final product that fueled this passion. It was the purpose that each project had. With every take and every snapshot, I could always envision how the final product would look and how each client would realize their vision. Whatever story they wanted to tell or whatever their goal was for their business, the relationships I've been able to build with each client are what fuels my business and my desire to help them. 

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